Rover harvesting system

BrimaPack introduces the Rover harvesting system.

A self-propelled, electro driven, 2 axle harvesting system. Self-propelled while harvesting and towed during field change giving maximum efficiency and flexibility. The large working platform folds into a compact trailer unit in less than 15 minutes into a compact trailer unit.

The agile and compact Rover harvester can be equipped with standard packaging machinery for packing iceberg lettuce or broccoli or can be customized to a tailor made harvesting, handling or processing system for all kinds of vegetables and flowers.

  • Platform dimensions up to 5.5 m. wide and 9 m. long.
  • Drive system: electrical
  • Steering system: Mechanically connected dual fifth wheel steering.
  • 100% differential lock on each axle.
  • Diesel consumption as low as 2.5 liters/hour.
  • Harvesting speed from 35 up to 1.800 meters/hour.
  • Optional Autopilot, GPRS, Wireless remote control, Automatic levelling system, …