Columbia Harvesting Rig delivered

Columbia Harvesting Rig is delivered to Riccadonna in Lancashire:

The Columbia 12/4 harvesting rig is equipped with the VeTrac e-Drive and with four VePack 200-PRV-31 Iceberg Lettuce Packaging machines. The harvesting is a full 12 meters wide, this allows harvesting 6 or 7 beds.

The VeTrac e-Drive is powered by the on-board generator set or directly of the power grid. The VeTrac e-Drive has multiple advantages and unique characteristics compared to the conventional harvesters and machine carriers.

The fuel consumption of a conventional harvester varies from 2 up to 3 Gallons per hour. The VeTrac uses less than 1 Gallon per hour brings a reduction of 50% to 75%, saving on direct cost and providing a tremendous reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Conventional hydraulic caterpillar tracked carriers are very difficult to control, unprecise and inefficient. The e-Drive system however is uniquely precise, variable and controllable which increases productivity and opens the way to precision farming and even autonomous driving paths/patterns at an incredible low power consumption of less than 1 kW for a 19 ton harvester at 300 Feet per hour. 

The noise emission on the platform is less than 75 DB which makes the working environment very pleasant. When running directly of the power grid it will be totally silent.