VeTrac Harvester

BrimaPack introduces the versatile VeTrac harvesting system.

A self-propelled, electro driven, caterpillar tracked harvesting system. On performance this results in a very low and efficient fuel consumption, low noise emission and is uniquely precise on driveability. Standard or Tailor-made to customer preferences.

The self-propelled harvester can carry harvesting equipment for iceberg lettuce, herbs and a wide range of other vegetables. The caterpillar tracks ensure flotation end prevent soil damage under the worst harvesting conditions. The possibilities are endless.

  • Platform dimensions up to 7,5 X 9 m.
  • Tracks from 0,5 - 0,9 X 4,5 m.
  • Hydraulically foldable wings and roof.
  • Lifting capability up to 10 Tons.
  • Diesel consumption as low as 3,5 liters/hour!
  • Noise emission less than 80 dB!
  • Harvesting speed from 35 up to 2.400 m/hour.
  • Optional Autopilot, GPRS, Wireless remote control, Clean water system, Automatic levelling system, ..