Time-lapse video Broccoli

BrimaPack has released today a time-lapse video to show the extended shelf life of Broccoli.





Time-lapse Broccoli for 11 days at 20°C shown in 15 seconds:

  • Left: not packaged Broccoli
  • Mid: NicePack Broccoli by BrimaPack
  • Right: Broccoli packaged in Shrink film.

In the video you can see that the NicePack Broccoli retains his green colour during the 11 days test, as a measure of quality and freshness. The Average weight loss is less than 1%. The Broccoli tastes better for longer.

BrimaPack has developed the “NicePack” packing systems giving superior shelf life and lower packing costs compared to other technologies. The BrimaFilm AF has been exclusively developed to increase the shelf life of broccoli and other brassicas such as cauliflower and cabbage. The extension of the shelf life is at least 5 – 8 days (at 17 degrees centigrade). This is reached in a natural way by creating an optimal atmosphere for the brassicas storage and display. The combination of the VePack 200-P machines with the BrimaFilm AF gives this extended shelf life.

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