NicePack Shelf life film

The new BrimaFilm AF has been exclusively developed to increase the shelf life of broccoli and other brassicas such as cauliflower and cabbage. The extension of the shelf life is at least 5 – 8 days (at 17 degrees centigrade). This is reached in a natural way by creating an optimal atmosphere for Broccoli storage and display. The anti-fogging characteristics and packing design further enhances the fresh produce image, which all together increases sales and reduces the amount of waste. The film is optimized for broccoli, without expensive perforation, without adding any chemicals or gasses and without substances applied in the film in order to absorb ethylene gas released from the product. The extended shelf life packaging consists of two unique elements; BrimaFilm AF and the VePack 200PHBR XL packing system. This combination was nominated for the Fruit Logistics Innovation Award. 

Examples of shelf life tests in comparison with conventional packed produce (Stretch and Shrink/retractable film). Test results are after 8 days, held at 17 degrees Celsius. 

Benefits of BrimaFilm AF:

  • Extension of the shelf life of fresh broccoli for 5-8 days, compared to other packing materials and methods, is easily achievable!
  • Improved sales & fresh product appeal.
  • The shelf life is less affected by non-refrigerated shelves at stores or broken cool chains.
  • The retention of green color during storage as a measure of quality and freshness.
  • Tastes better for longer.
  • Average weight loss less than 1%.
  • Due to longer shelf life the waste at retailers is reduced by 50%. (Case study M&S UK)
  • Reduction of production, distribution and complaint costs.
  • Reduced pressure on the supply chain due to longer shelf life.
  • Secondary packaging costs savings. No need for expensive EPS boxes and ice.
  • Increases food safety, tamper proof packaging and full traceability.
  • Easy to recycle packaging material.