Packaging film

BrimaPack can offer you several types CPP film. Film is non-oriented polypropylene film produced by the flat die, chill roll process what makes it very suitable for fruits and vegetables packaging.


  • Optimal Surface properties
  • Good Printability
  • Good tear strength and puncture resistance
  • Good grease and oil resistance
  • Excellent optics, low haze, high gloss
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Easy sealability

Film is available in different widths (450-650 mm), with or without hot needle perforation and print.

Special BrimaFilm AF has been developed by BrimaPack for maximum shelf life extension in a natural way, by creating a optimal Atmosphere for Broccoli (and other brassica) storage and display. The Anti fogging characteristics and packing design further enhance the fresh produce image.

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