About us

BrimaPack BV, Ulft, The Netherlands

60 years after the foundation of the company, BrimaPack has become one of the worlds leading manufacturer for fruit and vegetable packaging solutions. 

The state of the art, self propelled harvesting and packaging systems are favoured by large growers in Northern Europe.  Over the years the  company has gathered  a solid know-how in development,  production and implementation of customer oriented solutions in the agricultural and food industry all over the world. The machines are used in the warehouses  and directly in the open field. Brazilian heat and drought, as well as the cold and wet English climate cannot harm the systems. Some even operate 7 days per week and 24 hours per day.

The range covers wide group; from harvesting rigs, packaging machines and grading lines including all logistics solutions. 

BrimaPack is specialised in packaging of the single, products such as: Iceberg lettuce, Broccoli, Cabbage, Melons…

For these products the following packaging machines have been developed: 

NicePack; the VePack P machine series, for  CPP type films.   

The advantage of the machines is that the produce is wrapped and closed in the packaging film without use of further materials such as punnets or clips.

Through the use of pre and post sorting technologies, labelling/printing and logistics customer-oriented requirements can be fulfilled. 

The NicePack has been originally designed for Iceberg Lettuce . Because of machine and special film developments, the systems now can also be used for the packaging of Broccoli, Cauliflower, Melons and other fruit & vegetables.

The new (CPP) packaging film has been developed for the optimal use of machines and for a longer shelf life.

The products which have been packed in the NicePack have an innovative packing design: closed but breathable, a tight packing with a seal at the butt.

With one NicePack up to 1000 products per hour can be packed. By using of multiple machines, the system output can be multiplied.

Thanks to the ridged design of the NicePack, the machines can operate inside a packing facility or can be mounted on self propelled harvesting rigs to harvest, grade, pack and label the produce directly in the field, which makes our machines unique in the world. 

Range of the NicePack series exists of various models and types; manually operated or with horizontal or vertical in feed systems which automatically feed the produce into the packaging machines. For Broccoli and Melons there are dedicated models. 

Either plain or pre-printed film can be used, and combinations are possible with automatic labelling, stamping or printing units, giving the customer the best possible product presentation and ensure that product identification and tracking & tracing requirements can be met.